Mycelium ⁠— A Content Creation Experience

Listen to the Audio Transmission for Mycelium above to receive the energy of this experience.

Struggling with consistently creating and putting out content in a way that feels good? With so many creatives saturating the realm of social media it is easy to become overwhelmed, paralyzed, and begin to compare ourselves to other creatives due to all that we consume on a daily basis.

As a creative, it can be easy to slip into the energy of stagnation when we expect our creations to be perfect on the first try, don't allow ourselves space to be messy, and when we try to force our creations to come through, in the same way, each time.

Within this container, we will approach different methods of creating where you are fully empowered to make each method completely your own and expand it as much as your creative energy desires.

On top of this I will be providing you with some very simple weekly creation practices that are easy to implement and that won't feel like you're putting more on your plate  from experience, I know that adding more practices in the mind can feel like more work but I assure you these practices will feel like play.

Within this space, we will be mimicking the structure of Mycelium by tapping into different networks of creation so that you can explore, experiment, and see what resonates best in your field of creation.

In addition to playing in the realm of creation, we will be creating a masculine frame to support your business by building a foundational structure as well as putting systems in place that are supportive and unique to you which will allow you to place your energy where you want long-term.

This container is for those who desire to take the front seat and tune up their content creation skills, discover their authentic way(s) of creating, receive support, and test different methods of creation in a co-creative setting with me.

In a nutshell, we will be focusing on:

1. Exploring different networks of creation to add to your toolbox.
2. Creating a foundation that is supportive and unique to you and your business.
3. Learning how to flow within your business by weaving intuition and structure together.
4. Exploring your Gene Keys to install your authentic essence into the core of your vision.
5. You coming to fully trust that you are the leader you've been looking for all along.

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