My Story

Hello and welcome! I am Kayla Graham, a Digital Creator with a few other creative titles — Cosmetologist + Aromatherapist.

This business started in the energy of play — a friend of mine asked me to help her with Web Design and along the way I began to share things I was learning within the educational areas I was investing in myself. Within this space of play we also hopped on co-creative calls where she would communicate how she wanted to feel and what she desired to see within her business.

This experience gave birth to a new way of doing design.

During this experience, what started as play snowballed into a word-of-mouth effect and I found myself working with multiple clients.

I have had a passion for design since I was a pre-teen running my own book blog. Throughout adulthood I started a fair share of businesses yet the part that I loved the most was creating digital content for social media, writing, and putting together websites for my very own projects.

Along with designing websites I've always enjoyed capturing the small detailed moments in life and assigning them a deeper purpose through photography and videography.

Nature is my biggest inspiration.

My creative energy has breathed life into many channels — Branding, Web Design, Social Media Design, Writing, Holistic Product Making, Cosmetology, and it seems like life has brought together a majority of my gifts to channel by being of service to other humans.

Fast forward to now and I feel so grateful to not only be able to create freedom in my life by doing what I love most — but to be able to help other heart led entrepreneurs do the same.

My work doesn't just stop at design. Within each of my design containers I support women in creating a business and relationship with self that is unique to them and feels genuinely good. 

Developing long lasting friendships with each of my clients is one of the highest priorities within my work.